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Introduce students to the thrilling world of drones without leaving the classroom! DroneBlocks’ immersive drone coding simulator is designed as a teaching tool, ensuring students grasp key STEM concepts through practical, hands-on experience in a safe, virtual environment. Web-based and no installation required!

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Why Use the DroneBlocks Simulator?
Test code before deploying to the real world

Refine and test your drone's coded instructions in a safe environment, ensuring real-world flights are seamless and error-free.

Web-Based Interface

It works anywhere! The DroneBlocks simulator does not require any installs and can be run on lightweight hardware such as Chromebooks.


Engage your students without physical drones! Go beyond just free roaming and dive into the DroneBlocks curriculum designed specifically for the simulator.

Engage More Students

Do you have a limited number of drones? Are you working in a smaller classroom? Using the simulator, a larger group of students can easily be engaged in the simulator while taking turns launching code on real drones.

Transform lessons into captivating missions. With our curated drone challenges, students will explore real-world STEM applications, from plotting flight paths to solving computational challenges – all within a controlled, digital environment.

Simulated Environments to Explore

Teaching coding becomes exponentially more engaging when students see their code take flight! With our simulator, students can test and refine their drone code in lifelike scenarios, cultivating problem-solving skills and building confidence before real-world application.

Tello Simulator

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