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Simulator Update! “Respawn Anywhere”

June 13, 2022 — < 1 minutes

Nothing excites the team at DroneBlocks like community growth and participation in developing amazing STEM learning tools such as the DroneBlocks Simulator. After its release last year, the Drone Simulator has become a favorite among educators, and a conductor of great exercises and productive feedback. The DroneBlocks Simulator’s current “City Environment” has proven to be a fantastic playground for launching drone missions in a virtual space and DroneBlocks is excited to tease the virtual “Mars Environment” nearing launch this summer. In order to prepare new drone pilots for their Mars exploration, DroneBlocks is delighted to announce the latest update to the simulator’s capabilities – a new “Spawn Anywhere” feature.

The Spawn Anywhere feature allows users to reposition their drone for launch, by choosing a point anywhere on the map. Launchpads or “Heli-Pads” already pre-exist on the map – formerly to chart missions in order to land on them -but can now be used to encourage new launch spots. With the new update, users can simply click the new “Location” icon located on the lower right of the screen and select on the map wherever they would like to launch from. Then, pressing the “Exit” icon will return them to the default mission screen, ready to launch from their chosen location. 

This update creates the opportunity to chart more exciting and challenging missions and gives users the ability to explore every corner of the map. It also allows for a variety of more specific missions within the upcoming DroneBlocks Mars Environment Course. 

So go ahead- and respawn anywhere within the DroneBlocks simulator environment and have a great flight!

DroneBlocks Simulator is available for all Enterprise Customers

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