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Meet DEXI... Drone for Exploration & Innovation. The ultimate autonomous research and development drone, designed from the ground up with STEM education in mind. DEXI is a fully programmable, customizable, and modular drone that students will build from the ground up. DEXI introduces a groundbreaking all-in-one flight controller running PX4 Autopilot that integrates optical flow sensing for incredibly accurate positioning while flying indoors or in GPS-denied areas. Complete with onboard computing capabilities, a PI camera, and access to GPIO, the possibilities are endless.

Certfied by the PX4 Team

Official PX4 Developer Kit

Developed in Collaboration with Members of the DroneCode Foundation

Unleash the future of hands-on learning and creativity with our groundbreaking STEM Drone Kit. This kit is meticulously designed for young innovators and aspiring engineers, offering an unparalleled educational experience.

  • Autonomous Flight

    Learn real-world coding skills, program your drone with DroneBlocks and Python on the PX4 flight stack and optical flow sensing for accurate positioning indoors or GPS-denied areas.

  • Advanced Building Experience

    Construct your drone from the ground up, gaining invaluable insights into aerodynamics, mechanics, and electronics.

  • Customizable Drone Design

    With the inclusion of a PI compute module, the drone enables access to GPIO pins for adding servos, offering extensive customization for a unique flight experience.

  • Manual Flight Control

    DEXI is also a means for students to improve their piloting skills and understand drone navigation nuances in a practical setting.

Ultimate Research & Development Drone

DEXI fills a void in the drone market offering a versatile platform that supports a wide array of educational and experimental applications in drone technology.

Who is DEXI for?

DEXI is expertly designed to cater to a broad audience ranging from high school and college students to drone hobbyists, hardware tinkerers, and PX4 developers.

The Official PX4 Developer Kit

DEXI being an official PX4 developer kit is a testament to DEXI’s superior design, capabilities, and compliance with the high standards required by the community.


Programming Autonomous Flight

Learning real-world coding skills through programming drones combines practical experience in both software development and robotics. Using tools like DroneBlocks, Python, and the PX4 flight stack, alongside advanced sensor technologies like optical flow, provides a comprehensive, hands-on approach to drone programming.

Indoor and GPS-Denied Navigation

Optical Flow Sensing

Developed in collaboration with ARK Electronics, DEXI introduces a groundbreaking all-in-one flight controller running PX4 Autopilot that integrates optical flow sensing for incredibly accurate positioning while flying in GPS denied environments. Optical flow sensors measure the motion of surfaces below the drone by detecting the movement of patterns in imagery captured in real-time.

PX4 flight stack

Python Programming

Python, being a versatile programming language, is perfect for interacting with PX4 due to its readability and wide support for libraries. Learn about MAVSDK-Python, A library that provides a high-level API to control PX4 using Python. This can be used to write scripts that control the drone, fetch telemetry data, and more. Python scripts can automate complex tasks like flight missions, data logging, or real-time decision making based on sensor data.

PX4 flight stack


The integration of ROS with PX4 provides a powerful platform for developing sophisticated autonomous drone applications. PX4 is a popular open-source flight control software for drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles. When combined with ROS, it enables advanced robotics tasks that involve more than just basic flight control, such as autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and interaction with the environment.

AI and Machine Learning

Computer Vision with Open-CV

Using OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) with a drone's Pi Camera on an onboard compute platform allows the drone to process visual data in real time, enabling it to perform tasks like object detection, tracking, and navigation based on visual cues. OpenCV can be used to detect objects in the video stream from the Pi Camera using various techniques like color space conversion, edge detection, or more advanced deep learning models.



Build your own drone from scratch and dive deep into the fascinating world of aerodynamics, mechanics, and electronics. This hands-on project not only enriches your understanding of fundamental engineering principles but also provides practical experience in assembling and programming aerial vehicles.By constructing a drone, learners gain critical skills and insights into the complex interplay of forces and technologies that enable flight, making this an ideal project for enhancing STEM education programs.

Project-Based Learning Experience

The Build Process

Our comprehensive, step-by-step instructions will lead you through the entire process of assembling your complete drone kit from scratch. As you put together your drone, you will develop a thorough understanding of the various mechanics and components involved in an aerial vehicle, from the frame to the motors and the flight controller. Perfect for educators looking to integrate real-world applications into their curriculum, DEXI lays the foundation for students to explore and innovate in STEM fields.


Access to GPIO

Access to the GPIO pins on DEXI can be incredibly useful for a variety of tasks that enhance the drone's capabilities and functionality. GPIO pins can output control signals to various components of the drone. For example, Control LED lights for visual feedback or illumination during night flights or manage additional servo motors for moving parts, like a camera gimbal for angle adjustments or releasing a payload.


Payload Capacity

With a payload capacity of up to 0.5 lbs DEXI offers a range of benefits and opens up various possibilities for both recreational and professional applications. Engage in hands-on learning by attaching various scientific sensors or experimenting with different types of payloads to understand physics and engineering principles. Payloads can include but are not limited to cameras, sensors, servos, communication devices, and research instruments,

National Defense Authorization Act


The DroneBlocks DEXI drone meets NDAA compliance as outlined by Section 848 of the Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This compliance is achieved because its critical electronic components—including flight controllers, radios, data transmission devices, cameras, gimbals, ground control systems, operating software, and data storage—are all manufactured in the United States.

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We offer comprehensive classroom DEXI build kits designed to enrich the educational experience for students, as well as Ready-To-Fly (RTF) kits tailored for PX4 developers.

Autonomous Drone Kit – Level III (DEXI 5-Pack)

DroneBlocks DEXI Classroom Pack of 5x build kits. Our classroom kits provide all the necessary components and detailed instructions for students and educators to assemble, program, and operate drones, facilitating a hands-on learning environment that emphasizes the principles of aerodynamics, electronics, and autonomy.

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DEXI RTF - PX4 Developer Kit

DroneBlocks DEXI Ready to Fly (RTF) Bundle tailored for PX4 developers. Our RTF kits deliver a fully assembled and pre-configured drone equipped with the latest PX4 firmware, ensuring a seamless and efficient development experience right out of the box.

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