Autonomous Drones – Level III

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Meet DEXI-5 ... Drone for Exploration & Innovation. The ultimate autonomous research and development drone, designed from the ground up with STEM education in mind. DEXI-5 is a fully programmable and customizable drone that students will build from scratch. Compatible with both DroneBlocks and the premier PX4 drone flight stack and control system for seamless integration.

Available in early 2024

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Unleash the future of hands-on learning and creativity with our groundbreaking Drone STEM Kit. This kit is meticulously designed for young innovators and aspiring engineers, offering an unparalleled educational experience.

  • Advanced Building Experience

    Construct your drone from the ground up, gaining invaluable insights into aerodynamics, mechanics, and electronics.

  • Autonomous Flight

    Learn real-world coding skills, program your drone with DroneBlocks and Python on the PX4 flight stack.

  • Manual Flight Control

    Beyond the mechanics of autonomous flight, the DEXI-5 drone is also a means for students to improve their piloting skills and understand drone navigation nuances in a practical setting.

  • Customizable Drone Design

    With the inclusion of a PI compute module, the drone enables access to GPIO pins for adding servos, offering extensive customization for a unique flight experience.

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