Autonomous Drones – Level II

Master Autonomous Flight with DroneBlocks' Level II Kit and Crazyflie drones. Effortless Drag-and-Drop Block-Coding and Python Programming & Safe Simulation Testing

Drag and Drop Block-Coding Interface

DroneBlocks Web App

Transforming the integration of drones into classroom education, this pioneering application introduces a modern, web-based interface that removes the hassle of complex installations. It provides a smooth, accessible experience for both teachers and students.

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Code. Simulate. Fly.

Integrated Coding Simulator

The DroneBlocks simulator is now integrated directly in our all-new web app interface. Students can test and refine their code in real-time, ensuring they're perfect before you take to the skies. This feature not only saves time but significantly enhances safety by allowing thorough pre-flight checks.

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Advanced Script Based Coding


Our platform offers an innovative approach to learning Python, one of the most versatile and in-demand programming languages. By integrating drone technology, we provide a hands-on, interactive experience that enhances engagement and deepens understanding. Our courses are designed for all skill levels, making Python accessible and fun for beginners, yet challenging enough for advanced coders.

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Drone Light Show – Level I

Unlock the limitless possibilities of drone artistry as you learn to orchestrate your very own drone swarms, breathtaking formations, and mesmerizing dances. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned drone enthusiast, this kit empowers you to take your drone skills to new heights, quite literally!


Design Interface

The ultimate tool for drone show designers: our Windows-compatible software provides a highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) environment tailored for the creation and real-time editing of drone formations.

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Design Interface

User Interface for Mac: Smoothly integrates with macOS, offering a clean, intuitive, and responsive design experience.

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Drone Show

Demonstration Animations

Pre-programmed drone swarms for 10-50, you can kickstart your drone light show experience right away.

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FPV Drone Racing

Master Immersive FPV Flight with Industry leading drone racing simulator software. Using real world racing drones you can fly through an unlimited array of custom tracks with a variety of gates and barriers to hone your racing skills.

FPV Racing Simulator


Fast paced FPV drone racing action with multiplayer and offline modes!

Flight Control Software

Betaflight Configurator

Windows/OSX/Linux application for building, flashing and configuring Betaflight.

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DJI Tello Apps

DroneBlocks applications are not just tools, but gateways to a world of hands-on drone programming for your students. Seamlessly integrated with DroneBlocks curriculum and drone classroom kits, each app offers a step-by-step approach to STEM education.

Block Coding IDE


Step into the world of drone programming with the DroneBlocks Block Coding App. This user-friendly platform introduces drag-and-drop block programming, tailored to seamlessly integrate with the DJI Tello series drones, which includes the standard Tello, Tello EDU, and Robomaster TT (Tello Talent). It's an ideal starting point for students eager to grasp the basics of drone coding.

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JavaScript IDE

DroneBlocks Code

For those ready to take their drone programming a notch higher, DroneBlocks Code offers a more intricate platform. Evolving beyond the fundamentals of block coding, this app presents an opportunity to dive into JavaScript and other advanced programming methodologies, tailored specifically for Tello and Tello EDU drones. It's a comprehensive tool for users looking to explore deeper avenues of drone programming.

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Included with Enterprise Membership

DroneBlocks Simulator

Ensuring every line of code is flawless before its real-world execution is crucial. The DroneBlocks Simulator offers a virtual playground where budding programmers can test and refine their coding techniques. With features such as a tabbed canvas and block-highlighting, it guarantees a practical experience, allowing students to confidently transfer their virtual drone programming skills to tangible drones.

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