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DroneBlocks introduces an unparalleled CTE Commercial Drone Program, designed to equip students with hands-on experience using professional-grade drone hardware. Our comprehensive curriculum includes the world's #1 FAA Part 107 prep course, setting a new standard for excellence in drone education. With everything you need to achieve FAA certification, we're opening doors to exciting commercial drone careers for our students.    

  • Industry Leading Drones

    Our CTE program bridges the gap between education and the professional world by providing students with unparalleled access to the same cutting-edge drone technology used by industry leaders.

  • FAA Part 107 Made Easy

    This cutting-edge course is designed to ensure students successfully pass the FAA Part 107 drone license exam, enabling them to operate drones commercially within the United States.

  • Drone Mapping, Modeling & Surveying

    Students will gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in creating and delivering high-quality drone-based maps, models, and surveys.

  • Drone Business Skills

    Equips aspiring drone entrepreneurs with the knowledge and strategies to establish a thriving venture in the competitive drone industry.

  • Drone Maneuvers Mastery

    Master 50 flight maneuvers to enhance your piloting skills. Organized across four distinct difficulty tiers for a seamless skill progression.

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Comprehensive Curriculum and Endless Possibilities

Accurate Information. The drone industry changes constantly. Our FAA Certified Flight Instructors closely track changes and update the course so you’re up-to-date.

Get Students FAA Certified. Guaranteed!

300+ Video Lectures!
Learn everything you need to know to pass the test on the first try. Breeze through our lessons while understanding complicated topics.



A comprehensive learning experience for STEM educators. An ideal resource for engaging students of all ages, enhancing their skills, and fostering critical thinking in a hands-on, interactive environment.

Curriculum Preview

Build Your Drone Program

Select from a variety of enterprise-grade drone platforms and pair them with our extensive curriculum and professional development.

Commercial Drones - Level I

Start building your school's commercial drone program with the all-new Autel Robotics EVO II Pro. An enterprise-grade drone with plethora of advanced features and thermal capabilities.

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Commercial Drones - Level II

Take your school's commercial drone program to the next-level with the Autel Robotics EVO II Pro. A Leader Of Drone Intelligence.

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Commercial Drones - Curriculum License

This industry-leading course will not only help you pass the FAA Part 107 test but also dive into drone mapping and starting your own drone business.

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Commercial Drones

Discover the newest advancements in the DroneBlocks CTE Commercial Drone Program, including updates in drone technology, practical applications in real-world scenarios, and insightful industry perspectives.


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DroneBlocks provides professional development opportunities to ensure educators are well-equipped to deliver our STEM curriculum.

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You're never navigating solo when you're with DroneBlocks. Our extensive support resources and channels are your co-pilot, ensuring a smooth learning journey.

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