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Commercial Drone Program; Hardware Deep Dive

March 1, 2024 — 5 minutes

In the dynamic world of commercial drones, the DroneBlocks Commercial Drone Program stands out as a beacon of innovation and excellence, especially in STEM and CTE education sectors. Central to this program’s success are the Autel Robotics EVO II Enterprise and EVO Max 4T drones, which are not just tools but transformative educational assets. These state-of-the-art drones bring an unparalleled level of technological sophistication to our comprehensive drone curriculum, lesson plans, and high school drone programs, setting a new standard for what’s possible in educational settings.

Autel Robotics EVO II Enterprise: Level I

The EVO II Enterprise is designed to push the boundaries of drone technology in education. It serves as a perfect example of how commercial drones can be integrated into STEM and CTE curriculums, providing students with hands-on experience with top-tier technology. This drone is equipped with advanced flight capabilities, high-resolution imaging systems, and modular accessories, making it an ideal platform for a wide range of educational applications, from aerial photography and videography to complex mapping and surveying projects.

Key Features:

  • Modular Design: The EVO II Enterprise’s modular design allows for quick and easy attachment of various accessories, such as spotlights, loudspeakers, and beacons, enhancing its utility in a multitude of scenarios.
  • Advanced Imaging: Equipped with a high-resolution 8K camera, the drone offers students the opportunity to capture detailed images and videos, providing a rich resource for analysis and study in projects.
  • Extended Flight Time: With up to 40 minutes of flight time, students have ample opportunity to conduct thorough investigations and experiments, ensuring comprehensive learning experiences.

EVO Max 4T: Level II

The EVO Max 4T stands as a testament to the advancements in drone technology, offering an even more sophisticated platform for educational purposes. Its integration into the DroneBlocks curriculum underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge resources for students enrolled in our high school drone programs. With thermal imaging capabilities, LiDAR for accurate 3D mapping, and an advanced obstacle avoidance system, the EVO Max 4T is perfectly suited for advanced STEM and CTE projects that require precision and versatility.

Key Features:

  • Multi-sensor Payload: The drone’s ability to capture data through its thermal, visual, and LiDAR sensors opens up new avenues for exploration and learning, from environmental studies to engineering projects.
  • Superior Obstacle Avoidance: With its 360-degree obstacle avoidance system, students can safely operate the drone in complex environments, focusing on their projects without the worry of collisions.
  • Long-range Capabilities: The EVO Max 4T’s impressive transmission range of over 9 miles ensures that no project is too big or too far, encouraging students to think and explore beyond traditional boundaries.

Autel Robotics: Setting New Standards in Drone Technology and Education

In the rapidly evolving drone industry, Autel Robotics distinguishes itself with key differentiators that set its drones apart from other manufacturers, such as DJI. These unique features make Autel Robotics’ EVO II Enterprise and EVO Max 4T not only advanced tools for commercial applications but also ideal for educational environments in STEM and CTE programs. Let’s delve into these distinguishing characteristics and how they enhance the DroneBlocks Commercial Drone Program.

Privacy and Data Security

Autel Robotics prioritizes user privacy and data security, a critical consideration in today’s digital age. Unlike some competitors that require an internet connection for activation or continuous use, Autel drones operate independently of such requirements. This autonomy ensures that sensitive missions, particularly those conducted in educational settings where data privacy is paramount, remain secure and free from unwanted data transmission. For DroneBlocks, incorporating Autel drones into our curriculum means that students and educators can focus on learning and innovation without concerns over data privacy.

Flexibility in No-Fly Zones

The issue of geo-fencing and no-fly zones is a significant one in drone operations, often hindering the scope of where drones can fly, especially in educational settings that may be near restricted areas. Autel’s approach to geo-fencing is generally less restrictive, offering a more flexible solution for professional and educational users alike. With the necessary permissions, this flexibility allows our students to undertake projects in a broader range of environments, pushing the boundaries of drone education and research.

Pioneering Innovative Features

Autel is renowned for its commitment to innovation, consistently integrating new features and technologies into its drones. The EVO series, for instance, boasts exceptional camera quality, robust obstacle avoidance capabilities, and high-resolution video capabilities, including 8K on select models. These innovative features provide our students with cutting-edge technology that enhances their learning experience, enabling them to work on advanced projects that require superior imaging and flight capabilities.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service is paramount, especially in educational contexts where timely support can be crucial to the success of a program. Autel has received accolades for its customer service and support, outperforming many competitors in this area. For DroneBlocks, this means that any technical issues or inquiries can be swiftly addressed, ensuring minimal disruption to our educational programs and allowing students to continue their learning journey without delay.

Competitive Pricing

Lastly, Autel’s competitive pricing for the features and technologies their drones offer is an important factor for educational institutions. Budgets are always a consideration, and being able to access high-quality drones that offer advanced features without breaking the bank is crucial. This affordability makes it possible for more schools to incorporate these advanced tools into their STEM and CTE curriculums, democratizing access to top-tier educational resources.

Integrating Advanced Drones into Education

The inclusion of the Autel Robotics EVO II Enterprise and EVO Max 4T drones into the DroneBlocks Commercial Drone Program illustrates a forward-thinking approach to education. By providing students with access to these advanced drones, we are not only exposing them to the forefront of drone technology but also equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the FAA Part 107 certification and beyond.

These drones serve as the cornerstone of our drone curriculum, enabling hands-on learning that translates complex theoretical concepts into tangible experiences. Through carefully crafted lesson plans, students learn to harness the power of these drones, undertaking projects that challenge their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and technical skills.

Preparing Students for the Future

As the drone industry continues to evolve, the demand for skilled pilots and technicians is growing. By incorporating the Autel Robotics EVO II Enterprise and EVO Max 4T drones into our curriculum, the DroneBlocks Commercial Drone Program is preparing students for exciting careers in this dynamic field. Our comprehensive approach to drone education, combining technical training with real-world applications, ensures that graduates of our program are well-positioned to lead and innovate in the commercial drone industry.

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