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Transform traditional classrooms into future-ready learning hubs with DroneBlocks. Our comprehensive drone STEM curriculum, interactive apps, and hands-on kits are designed for students at all educational levels.

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What We Do

We make learning programming more accessible and entertaining, through a complete drone solution.

Who We Do It For

Students, from elementary to college, seeking opportunities to further their education.

How We Do It

Programming curriculum, DroneBlocks applications, and all-in-one drone kits.

DroneBlocks has created an online curriculum and a free app to help students embrace the fascinating technology behind drones. With a focus on real-world coding, the app features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that lets students easily build a plan for their drone

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Sparking curiosity, one program at a time. Whether students are just getting started or are coding experts, find interactive experiences that resonate with every student.


From classroom-friendly kits to hands-on tools: Explore our hardware, packages, and accessories tailored for the educational journey.

DJI Tello Curriculum and Simulator
High School K-6 Middle School
Create opportunities for students of all ages to learn DroneBlocks, Python, Open-CV, Node.js, and JavaScript by coding autonomous missions in the classroom.
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DroneBlocks Classroom Bundle
High School Higher Ed Middle School
The All-New DroneBlocks Classroom Bundle provides everything you need from curriculum, drones, and professional development to quickly launch a STEAM drone program.
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Quadruped Robotics
High School Higher Ed Middle School
DroneBlocks Mobile Quadruped Robotics Platform Designed for K12 Education and Developing Professional Applications
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Drone Light Show Kit
High School Higher Ed Middle School
Elevate your school events to extraordinary heights with the DroneBlocks Light Show Kit!
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DroneBlocks Enterprise Membership | Tello Drones

The DroneBlocks offers a complete STEM learning experience. Compatible with the DJI Tello drones we offer a curated curriculum and user-friendly apps. Enhance your journey with optional databot sensors and professional development additions.

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DroneBlocks Classroom Bundle

DroneBlocks has partnered with Swedish company Bitcraze to create the ultimate STEM drone kit for classrooms of all levels. These new drones are versatile open-source flying development platforms that only weigh 27g and fit in the palm of your hand. This STEM drone kit, relied upon by prestigious institutions like Princeton and Yale, opens up vast educational possibilities for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike.

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DroneBlocks Quadruped Go1 EDU+

The DroneBlocks GO1 EDU+ bundle comes pre-equipped with two onboard Jetson Nanos and one onboard Jetson NX, this increased processing power gives you the capability of adding Lidar units in the future.

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DroneBlocks Light Show Kit

The ultimate DIY drone light show kit. Create your own drone swarms, formations, and dances with 10 - 200 drones!

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databot 2.0 - Data Science Sensors

databot™2.0, an unstoppable STEMachine! Weighing in at just 1.2 oz and standing only ¾” high, databot™ is a power-packed wireless, remote-ready scientific tool that brings the world of data to life instantly!

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DJI Avata Pro-View FPV Drone W/ Fly More Kit + 2 Year Warranty

The DJI Avata Pro-View FPV Drone, part of our specialized STEM drone kits, offers an extraordinary blend of intuitive controls and high-quality imaging. Safe, portable, and packed with features, it's a game-changer for teaching tomorrow's tech leaders.

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DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo Plus (DJI RC 2) + 2 Year Warranty

The DJI Mini 4 Pro, All-In-One Omni Obstacle Sensing Mini Camera Drone. Under 249 g, 4K/60fps HDR True Vertical Shooting, Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing, Enjoy up to 34 minutes of flight time!

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Drone Legends STEM Fundamentals

Take your students on a LEGENDARY journey into drone education with Drone Legends. This comprehensive package equips educators with a wealth of resources, ensuring students dive deep into the world of drone lessons, equipped with knowledge and hands-on materials. 

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It's not just about coding—it's about fostering innovation and critical thinking in young minds. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to engage students at every level, integrating theory with hands-on activities.

Curriculum Preview


DroneBlocks applications are not just tools, but gateways to a world of hands-on drone programming for your students. Seamlessly integrated with DroneBlocks curriculum and drone classroom kits, each app offers a step-by-step approach to STEM education.

Free to All

DroneBlocks Block Coding App

Step into the world of drone programming with the DroneBlocks Block Coding App. This user-friendly platform introduces drag-and-drop block programming, tailored to seamlessly integrate with the DJI Tello series drones, which includes the standard Tello, Tello EDU, and Robomaster TT (Tello Talent). It's an ideal starting point for students eager to grasp the basics of drone coding.

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Free to All

DroneBlocks Code

For those ready to take their drone programming a notch higher, DroneBlocks Code offers a more intricate platform. Evolving beyond the fundamentals of block coding, this app presents an opportunity to dive into JavaScript and other advanced programming methodologies, tailored specifically for Tello and Tello EDU drones. It's a comprehensive tool for users looking to explore deeper avenues of drone programming.

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Available With Paid Curriculums

DroneBlocks Simulator

Ensuring every line of code is flawless before its real-world execution is crucial. The DroneBlocks Simulator offers a virtual playground where budding programmers can test and refine their coding techniques. With features such as a tabbed canvas and block-highlighting, it guarantees a practical experience, allowing students to confidently transfer their virtual drone programming skills to tangible drones.

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Questions? Challenges? We're here, always ready to guide. Because when educators succeed, so do students.

Professional Development

DroneBlocks provides professional development opportunities to ensure educators are well-equipped to deliver our STEM curriculum.

Professional Development

Ongoing Support

You're never navigating solo when you're with DroneBlocks. Our extensive support resources and channels are your co-pilot, ensuring a smooth learning journey.

Ongoing Support


Use the hashtag #droneblocks to showcase innovative ways you're incorporating DroneBlocks' STEM curriculum into your classroom!



Check out this awesome YouTube series by #droneblocks - great monthly summaries of Drone news and Drones in Education

École élémentaire catholique Notre-Dame-des-Champs


Superbe expérience avec Drone Go. Les élèves ont fait preuve d’engagement! #Codage, développement de #compétences variées, #pilotage, etc. Le tout avec @iciottgat ! #droneblocks

Joy Schwartz


Another great day of coding Tellos with @DroneBlocks at Langham Elementary!3rd/4th graders collaborated, problem solved, used math skills & more. Even tackled iteration!



Drone racing 101. Testing out the first obstacle. #coding #droneblocks

Yvette Scott


Trial #3 let's go!! Unforgettable memories. #tello #programming #Droneblocks #FarleyMiddleSchool



Professional development rocks! Can't wait to use these in my classroom! @LanderSchools #drones #droneblocks #stem #tello

Nicol Howald


I'm excited to spend the day flying drones at @SaginawISD ! Thanks for the training. #remcdrones #remcawesome #droneblocks

Courtney Conley


So honored to be a UCS Foundation Educational Grant recipient! We are getting DRONES!! #droneblocks

Takis Samanis


Wonderful times teaching my kids doing their first steps in programming using #Scratch and #DroneBlocks to fly #DJITello. Maybe we reach the point of doing it with #Python some day, who knows.

Rebecca Mondesir


Week one of STEM Summer Bridge is a wrap! Here’s a snippet of the students programing their Tello drones. #droneblocks

Greg Greco


Students are using Tello drones and @DroneBlocks to learn the basics of coding. The excitement of watching your code work in a 3D world is truly amazing for them! #droneblocks

Allison Larsen


So many smiles today as we learned to code the flight paths of our drones #GoCIGo #Drones #TelloEdu #DroneBlocks #5thGrade

Ann Hargrove


Yesterday’s Drone Mission: Code Tello to land in a circle and go through a hoop. 🤔 Making math engaging! All about measurement! @walzemNEISD #droneblocks

Matthew Balistreri


@HamptonBays_MS Tech 8 class testing their code with a new Drone. #droneblocks #dji #WeAreHB #EngageHB #djitello #code

Dr. Josh Rayburn


I #3Dprinted the cup for the #drone and we tried to get the ball in the bucket. We programmed the drone with #droneblocks Fun times! My kids loved this!

Lex Emmens


Nice session about programming your own autonomous drone with #droneblocks and #python! Cool stuff!

Hyett Education


Here are some images from the past couple of days of #drone #Coding here @MarlboroughCol Summer School 2023 #droneblocks #DJI



ドローン講習。iPhone でドローンの動きをあらかじめプログラミングできる無料アプリ #droneblocks

Károly Nagy


The first #DroneBlocks code is ready. Tomorrow we'll try out how it works. :) #Ryze #Tello #DJI

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