Commercial Drones – Curriculum License

With over 300 video lectures, this course is designed to make learning easy and efficient, ensuring you grasp even the most complicated topics in an average of just 3 minutes per lesson. Enjoy lifetime access to our comprehensive suite of resources, including unlimited practice exams, 20 detailed quizzes, and a mobile-friendly platform that allows for offline study. Our content is constantly updated to reflect the latest FAA regulations, so you're always learning the most accurate information. Beyond the videos, you'll benefit from our vibrant community support, including study groups, fast instructor responses, and downloadable cheatsheets and lesson notes to boost your preparation.


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  • FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone License Prep

    This industry-leading course will help you pass the FAA Part 107 drone license test - so you can fly drones commercially in the United States.

  • Drone Mapping, Modeling & Surveying Bundle

    Everything you need to know to create and deliver professional drone maps, models, and surveys to clients

  • Drone Business Made Easy

    Build a profitable drone business on a strong foundation. Save money and time by learning from the mistakes and experience of an aviation business owner.

  • Drone Maneuvers Mastery

    Master 50 flight maneuvers to enhance your piloting skills. Organized across four distinct difficulty tiers for a seamless skill progression.

FAA Part 107 Prep

300+ Video Lectures!This course includes over 15 hours of lessons, split between over 200 easy-to-follow videos organized in 10 chapters. The course covers all the subject areas highlighted by the FAA under 14 CFR Part 107.73:

Drone Mapping, Modeling & Surveying Bundle

Drone mapping has higher paying jobs and less competition. Learn how to deliver profitable mapping services from an expert who has completed over 5000 missions.

Drone Business Made Easy

Start a drone business on a solid foundation rather than on a whim. You will learn from someone who has created and managed successful businesses. In this course, you will:

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