Drone Light Show – Level II

High School Higher Ed

Prepare to dazzle and inspire like never before! This advanced, outdoor-ready DIY kit powered by Firefly Drone Systems is designed for professionals looking to create breathtaking drone light shows on a grand scale, with the capability to scale up to a thousand drones. The Professional Grade Kit includes all the essentials needed to orchestrate your own large-scale drone light displays, ensuring a mesmerizing spectacle that will leave spectators spellbound.

A breathtaking display guaranteed to amaze your audience. It is ideal for medium-high levels of design detail, 3D shapes, and complex logos or icons.

  • Swarm Size

    Swarm up 100 to 1000 drones!

  • Demonstration Shows

    With pre-programmed "shows" included in the kit, you can kickstart your drone light show experience right away.

  • Software

    Unleash your creativity with our user-friendly software, allowing you to modify existing shows or craft your very own masterpieces. Setting up is a breeze!

  • Training Services Included

    The kit also comes with comprehensive training services, ensuring you have the expertise and support needed to masterfully coordinate and execute large-scale drone light shows.

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Transform the Night Sky

End-to-End Solution for Large-Scale Drone Light Displays

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