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DroneBlocks’ Advanced Commercial Drone Program for STEM and CTE Education

March 1, 2024 — 4 minutes

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the integration of advanced tools and methodologies into educational frameworks has become paramount. Recognizing this imperative, DroneBlocks is proud to present its pioneering Commercial Drone Program, specifically engineered for STEM and Career and Technical Education (CTE) educators. This comprehensive initiative is set to redefine educational standards, bridging the gap between academic learning and real-world industrial applications through the deployment of industry-leading drone technology.

Elevating STEM and CTE with Cutting-edge Drone Technology

At the core of our mission is the belief that education should not only impart knowledge but also provide a gateway to the professional world. Our Commercial Drone Program is a testament to this philosophy, offering students a unique opportunity to work with the same high-caliber drones employed by top professionals across various industries. This hands-on experience with enterprise-grade technology prepares students for future challenges and opportunities, setting a new benchmark for CTE and STEM education.

The Drones That Are Changing the Game

Our program features drones that are at the forefront of technology, equipped with advanced features such as high-powered cameras and thermal imaging capabilities. These drones are not just tools but gateways to understanding complex concepts in real-world scenarios. With over 40 minutes of flight time and transmission ranges exceeding 9 miles, the drones provided in our packages are designed to push the boundaries of what’s possible in drone technology, offering unparalleled insights and capabilities to students.

Industry-Relevant Technology for Future-Ready Students

Our CTE program uniquely provides access to the same advanced drone technology industry leaders use. This approach ensures that students are learning in a vacuum and being prepared for real-world challenges and opportunities. Integrating drones with high-powered cameras, thermal imaging, and extended operational capabilities into the curriculum offers a glimpse into the future of technology and its applications.

A Curriculum Crafted for Excellence

The cornerstone of our Commercial Drone Program is the globally acclaimed FAA Part 107 curriculum, which guarantees that students are not merely learners but become certified commercial drone pilots. This certification is a critical step towards a career in drone technology, providing students with a substantial advantage in the job market.

Drone Mapping, Modeling, and Surveying

The curriculum delves deep into Drone Mapping, Modeling, and Surveying, areas of increasing importance in sectors such as agriculture, construction, and environmental monitoring. Students gain hands-on experience in generating and interpreting high-quality drone-based maps and models, skills that are invaluable in today’s data-driven decision-making processes.

Entrepreneurial Skills for the Drone Industry

Understanding the business dynamics of the drone industry is crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our program covers essential Drone Business Skills, offering insights into starting and managing successful ventures in the competitive drone market. This module is designed to inspire and equip the next generation of drone entrepreneurs with the knowledge to thrive.

Mastering Drone Maneuvers

Piloting proficiency is foundational to effective drone operation. Our comprehensive training includes mastering over 50 flight maneuvers, organized across four difficulty levels to promote a structured skill progression. This aspect of the curriculum ensures that students are technically knowledgeable and capable pilots.

Customized Solutions for Every Educational Setting

Recognizing the diversity of needs and constraints across educational institutions, DroneBlocks offers bespoke solutions. Our dedicated drone experts are committed to collaborating with educators to develop a CTE commercial drone program that aligns with their specific goals and budgetary requirements, ensuring maximum educational value.

Preparing Students for Thriving Careers in Drone Technology

The ultimate objective of DroneBlocks’ Commercial Drone Program is to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and certifications necessary to excel in the drone industry. We aim to open pathways to rewarding careers in various sectors by exposing students to cutting-edge technology and real-world applications.

The DroneBlocks Commercial Drone Program represents a significant leap forward in educational innovation. By marrying advanced drone technology with a comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance, we are setting a new standard for STEM and CTE education. Our program educates and inspires, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the future. We invite educators and institutions to join us in this transformative journey, leveraging the power of commercial drones to enrich their curriculum and empower the next generation of professionals. Join DroneBlocks in leading the charge toward a technologically adept, future-ready workforce.

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