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Embark on an Egyptian Expedition in the DroneBlocks Simulator

August 15, 2023 — 2 minutes

Our newest Simulator experience invites students to explore ancient Egypt!


In partnership with Drone Legends, DroneBlocks welcomes students on an adventure to code and fly a Drone in our new Ancient Egypt map! The Map is complete with pyramids, a sphinx, a library, and other ancient obstacles and structures to interact with. As always, the map will be open for freeform navigation and test missions for students to explore the map on their own…however, this time around DroneLegends has built an amazing and engaging curriculum with a treasure trove of learning opportunities and problems to solve.

The curriculum contains 8 modules, accompanied by colorfully illustrated instructions. Each challenge is narrated by the Drone Legends mascot “Gimbal”, a friendly, artificially intelligent Drone, who guides students through the course. In each of the 8 missions, students will explore different parts of the landscape by using geometry and coding to create different flight plans for their drone. Students will also be tasked with deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics to solve a mystery. The course opens with an exciting animated video introduction to send students off on their Egyptian Expedition!

This is one of our most engaging Drone Curriculum pairings yet, and we can’t wait for students to put their skills to the test. In class, or from home – the Drone Simulator is a great place for students to hone their piloting, math, and coding skills while having a blast.

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