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Supporting STEM Education: DroneBlocks’ Continued Commitment to DJI Tello Series

January 2, 2024 — 3 minutes

As the landscape of educational technology evolves, it’s vital for STEM teachers to stay informed about the latest tools and resources available for enhancing student learning. With recent announcements suggesting a shift in DJI’s focus away from its STEAM Education division, including the suspension of sales for products like the Tello drone, educators might be concerned about the future of these resources in their curriculum.

However, DroneBlocks is here to reassure educators of our unwavering support for the DJI Tello series drones. Our commitment is not only continuing but deepening, with an array of resources designed to integrate seamlessly into your STEM curriculum.

In-Depth Support for Tello Drones

DroneBlocks remains dedicated to supporting all models of the DJI Tello series drones through our comprehensive, free coding application. This includes the standard DJ Tello (white), Tello EDU (black), and the Robomaster TT (red). Our application isn’t just a tool; it’s a gateway to a more profound understanding of coding and drone technology for students.

Comprehensive Coding Curriculum

Our in-depth coding curriculum is tailored to enhance students’ learning experience. It covers fundamental concepts to advanced programming skills, ensuring that students of all levels can engage and grow. DroneBlocks offers resources that allow educators to teach Block-Coding and script-based coding like Python and JavaScript all with the DJI Tello series drones.

Tello Coding Virtual Simulator

Understanding the challenges of hands-on learning in various settings, DroneBlocks offers a Tello coding virtual simulator. This simulator provides a realistic and safe environment for students to test and refine their coding skills, making drone programming accessible to everyone.

Professional Development for Teachers

DroneBlocks understands the importance of teachers in the learning process. That’s why we offer professional development opportunities to help educators confidently incorporate drone technology into their lessons. These sessions are designed to equip teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to guide their students through the exciting world of drone programming.

Introducing a New Era in STEM Education: The Micro Drone

As we continue to support the DJI Tello series, we’re also excited to introduce a new addition to our educational toolkit: a completely new micro drone, specifically designed for schools. This drone is not just a replacement for the Tello; it represents a significant step forward in STEM education.

Benefits of the New Micro Drone

  • Enhanced Features: With advanced capabilities, this drone offers an even more engaging and educational experience.
  • Tailored for Education: Designed with the classroom in mind, it seamlessly integrates into existing STEM curricula.
  • Future-Proof Learning: Keeping up with technological advancements, this drone prepares students for the future of tech and innovation.

In conclusion, while DJI’s recent moves might signal a shift in their educational focus, DroneBlocks is more committed than ever to supporting STEM education with the DJI Tello series and our new micro drone. These tools are more than just gadgets; they are vital resources in cultivating the next generation of tech innovators and problem-solvers.

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