Educator Spotlight: Luigi Torelli

Charting Exciting Pathways in the DroneBlocks Simulator If you are a member of the DroneBlocks Community, you may have already witnessed some of Luigi Torelli’s ambitiously imaginative flight paths in the DroneBlocks simulator. Luigi revels in concocting complex and entertaining designs that are built using dynamic geometric paths…sometimes appearing as a roller coaster and others […]

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Educator Spotlight, Al Salcè

How STEM Education is shaping the next generation of first responders Alcidé Salcé is a 21-year veteran of the FDNY and a member of the Command Tactical Unit in charge of dispatching state-of-the-art, first responder technology such as Drones and Quadruped Robotics. “Whenever we are busy, unfortunately, that means someone is having a bad day,” […]

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FDNY Uses Drones + Quadrupeds to Save Lives

“Digi-Dog” Deployed after Garage Collapse in NYC This past April, a multi-level parking garage collapsed in lower Manhattan – creating a deadly and dangerous situation for all involved, especially the first responders at the scene. The potential for further structural collapse posed a serious risk in their search and rescue mission. We all know the […]

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Educator Spotlight, Ed Moloney, Northport High School in NY

DroneBlocks visited Northport High School for their annual STEM Day, where robots were tinkering, creativity was buzzing and Drones were flying! Elementary students were encouraged to engage with dozens of STEM activities to spur their interest and explore their curiosities. The fair was led by Technology and Engineering teachers from the district, with help from […]

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Educator Spotlight, Joy Schwartz

The Computer Science Teachers, Teacher! If you are in the education space, you already know that computer science students have a bright and abundant professional future ahead of them. With a 15% projected growth in Computer Science and IT jobs over the next decade – the real challenge has become scaling up Computer Science Education […]

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Villanova Computer Science Students Take Control

Building a remote controller for the Tello Drone The last time we spoke with Jim Solderitsch, DroneBlocks had donated 10 Tello Drones to support his Computer Science curriculum in his role as an adjunct professor at Villanova University. Jim’s course was titled Special Topics in the Internet of things and Security which cast a broad […]

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DroneBlocks Educator Spotlight

How BetaBox Learning Sparks and Sustains Hands-On STEM Learning As most of us in the education space already know, little else can inspire wonder and unlock potential for students quite like hands-on STEM learning. At DroneBlocks, we’ve seen the amazing things children and educators alike are capable of the instant they get a programmable Drone […]

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