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Educator Spotlight, Ed Moloney, Northport High School in NY

May 16, 2023 — < 1 minutes

DroneBlocks visited Northport High School for their annual STEM Day, where robots were tinkering, creativity was buzzing and Drones were flying!

Elementary students were encouraged to engage with dozens of STEM activities to spur their interest and explore their curiosities. The fair was led by Technology and Engineering teachers from the district, with help from their High School students who worked hand in hand with their younger counterparts. DroneBlocks was a hit in the gymnasium where an obstacle course was erected for the Tello Drones to whirr through and around. Northport High School Engineering Instructor, Ed Moloney, said this fair is all an effort to spark excitement in STEM from their district’s elementary students so that when they reach High School, they are more likely to sign up for the many STEM electives that are offered. Ed highlighted how DroneBlocks allows himself and other teachers to reach a broad range of students, from elementary school to high school, with lessons and activities offered at various levels of difficulty. We want to thank Ed and his students for letting DroneBlocks stop by and share their experience!

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