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Future of STEM Education with Crazyflie: A Leap Forward in Classroom Drone Coding

February 16, 2024 — 3 minutes

In the evolving landscape of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, the integration of innovative tools like programmable drones has transformed traditional learning paradigms. The introduction of the Autonomous Drone Kit – Level II by DroneBlocks marks a significant milestone in this journey, offering an unparalleled educational experience. The kit features the advanced Crazyflie drone, which stands out against the now-discontinued DJI Tello drones in several key aspects. Let’s delve into the unique differentiators that make Crazyflie the preferred choice for educators and students alike.

Readily Available and Future-Proof

The Crazyflie drone is not just another educational tool; it is a commitment to the future of STEM learning. Unlike the DJI Tello, which has been discontinued and suffers from very limited supplies and nonexistent support, the Crazyflie is readily available and backed by a long product roadmap. A dedicated team ensures that the Crazyflie continues to evolve, making it a reliable option for educational institutions looking to invest in sustainable technology.

Customization and Safety

With safety and customization at its core, the Crazyflie drone offers 3D printable propeller guards. This feature not only enhances safety for indoor classroom use but also allows students and educators to experiment with various designs, fostering creativity and engineering skills. The Tello’s propeller guards, provided by DJI, do not offer this level of customization.

Enhanced Learning Through Building

The Crazyflie drone presents a unique learning opportunity as it can be assembled by students. This hands-on approach to drone building enhances understanding of electronics and engineering principles, offering additional learning opportunities that the pre-assembled Tello drone lacks.

Advanced Programming and Precision

Both the Crazyflie and Tello drones are programmable using DroneBlocks (Block-coding) and Python, making them accessible tools for teaching drone coding. However, the Crazyflie takes precision and ease of use to the next level with its all-new “Flow Deck v2.” This technology, featuring a VL53L1x Time of Flight (ToF) sensor and a PMW3901 optical flow sensor, ensures high-precision indoor positioning and movement measurement. This contrasts with the Tello’s reliance on older technology, which required perfect lighting conditions and ideal flooring for accurate operation.

Seamless Software Connection and Repairability

The Crazyflie enhances classroom efficiency with its Bluetooth connectivity, which ensures a fast and seamless connection to the all-new DroneBlocks web app, including an integrated simulator. This is a significant improvement over the Tello’s Wi-Fi connection, which was slow, cumbersome, and prone to interference issues. Moreover, the Crazyflie’s design allows for inexpensive and easy motor replacements, making it a more practical choice for classroom settings where quick and simple repairs are essential.

A Step Forward in Drone Education

The Crazyflie drone, with its Swedish origins, lightweight design, and advanced features, represents a significant leap forward in drone education. Its small size makes it safer and more suitable for indoor use, further emphasizing its suitability for classroom settings. In contrast, the Tello’s larger size and heavier weight make it less ideal for such environments.

The Autonomous Drone Kit – Level II, featuring the Crazyflie drone, is a testament to the evolving world of STEM education. Its key differentiators—notably, its availability, customization options, learning opportunities through building, advanced programming capabilities, seamless software connection, and easy repairability—make it an invaluable resource for educators and students alike. As we look towards the future of education, the Crazyflie drone stands out as a beacon of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in classroom learning and drone coding. Embrace the future of STEM education with Crazyflie and DroneBlocks, where learning flies to new heights.

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