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Embark on an unparalleled educational journey with the DroneBlocks. Designed meticulously for STEM educators, this package fuses intuitive software with hands-on tools, ensuring a well-rounded, dynamic learning experience that sparks creativity and innovation in students.

Autonomous Drone Kit – Level II


DroneBlocks has partnered with Swedish company Bitcraze to create the ultimate STEM drone kit for classrooms of all levels. These new drones are versatile open-source flying development platforms that only weigh 27g and fit in the palm of your hand. This STEM drone kit, relied upon by prestigious institutions like Princeton and Yale, opens up vast educational possibilities for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike.

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DroneBlocks Enterprise Membership | Tello Drones

The DroneBlocks offers a complete STEM learning experience. Compatible with the DJI Tello drones we offer a curated curriculum and user-friendly apps. Enhance your journey with optional databot sensors and professional development additions.

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Autonomous Drone Kit – Level III (DEXI Classroom 5-Pack)

DroneBlocks DEXI Classroom Pack of 5x build kits. Our classroom kits provide all the necessary components and detailed instructions for students and educators to assemble, program, and operate drones, facilitating a hands-on learning environment that emphasizes the principles of aerodynamics, electronics, and autonomy.

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DEXI - PX4 Developer Kit

DroneBlocks DEXI Ready to Fly (RTF) Bundle tailored for PX4 developers. Our RTF kits deliver a fully assembled and pre-configured drone equipped with the latest PX4 firmware, ensuring a seamless and efficient development experience right out of the box.

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Crazyflie Nano Drone - Developer Kit

Ideal for developers and educators eager to explore or test a single drone. These compact, open-source drones are designed to be lightweight, weighing just 27g, and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Trusted by leading institutions such as Princeton and Yale, this kit offers extensive educational opportunities for both novices and seasoned enthusiasts, making it perfect for classrooms at every level.    

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FPV Drone Racing Kit – Level I

This ultimate FPV raving kit includes the hardware, curriculum, and racing simulation software educators need to start their beginner drone racing program. Kits also include registration for two teams to enter the MultiGP "Drones in Schools" League.

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Go2 EDU+ Quadruped

The DroneBlocks Unitree Go2 EDU+ Quadruped features a proprietary 4D LIDAR L1 technology, which provides a comprehensive 360°x90° hemispherical view, effectively minimizing blind spots. Its capability to detect objects from as close as 0.5 meters enhances the Go2's navigation and obstacle avoidance across different settings.

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Commercial Drones - Level I

Start building your school's commercial drone program with the all-new Autel Robotics EVO II Pro. An enterprise-grade drone with plethora of advanced features and thermal capabilities.

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Commercial Drones - Level II

Take your school's commercial drone program to the next-level with the Autel Robotics EVO II Pro. A Leader Of Drone Intelligence.

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Commercial Drones - Curriculum License

This industry-leading course will not only help you pass the FAA Part 107 test but also dive into drone mapping and starting your own drone business.

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DroneBlocks Light Show Kit

The ultimate DIY drone light show kit. Create your own drone swarms, formations, and dances with 10 - 200 drones!

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databot 2.0 - Data Science Sensors

databot™2.0, an unstoppable STEMachine! Weighing in at just 1.2 oz and standing only ¾” high, databot™ is a power-packed wireless, remote-ready scientific tool that brings the world of data to life instantly!

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