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NEW COURSE! GO1 Basic Training With DroneBlocks

December 4, 2023 — 2 minutes

DroneBlocks is proud to announce a new, entry-level course for our GO1 Quadruped Robot series.

Our existing Getting Started With Unitree GO1 course is a great video series to get acquainted with the basic functionality and housekeeping of the GO1 Robot. However, we know the learning curve can be steep when such an advanced machine like the GO1 lands on your lap. Low Level Motor Control or Computer Vision may be intimidating at first – but we promise you’ll get there! So we decided to create a fun, basic prerequisite with our newest course GO1 Basic Training With DroneBlocks. This course was created by DroneBlocks curriculum specialist, Clinton Evans, who will guide you through easy-to-follow lessons accompanied by simple exercises to build your skills and comfortability. 

The course begins with an overview of the remote controller, and how to operate the GO1 confidently. Clinton explains “We cover the controller first…this way when we dive into the coding world, if a code goes awry, we can “keep it on a leash” via the remote.” Then, the course moves into the DroneBlocks app to introduce basic block coding. These lessons are made up of short missions that incorporate STEM basics, including math, geometry, speed vs. duration, and more. If you are an experienced DroneBlocks Drone pilot – you will get the hang of the DroneBlocks app paired with the GO1 fairly quickly. 

If you’re new to the DroneBlocks app – no problem! Clinton has created some great learning scenarios such as the “3 little pigs” exercise where students will make the GO1 Huff and Puff using the robot’s LED light. Another scenario that Clinton likens to “Robot Musical Chairs.” All of this is to teach students through play, and marrying DroneBlocks Block Coding to the Remote Controller. “I hope these scenarios serve as jumping-off points for teachers and students, to experiment more as they become comfortable and more curious.” Clinton half-jokes “Maybe we’ll see a Unitree GO1 cameo in the next school musical!”

The DroneBlocks team hopes you enjoy the new course offering, and that it serves as a gateway to some of our intermediate and advanced robotics courses. Happy coding!

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