Create an AI ChatAssistant for your databot 2.0

February 12, 2024 — 2 minutes

Curriculum specialist Pat Ryan is at it again, adding an exciting AI Bonus Lesson to one of the most engaging courses in the DroneBlocks catalog. Pat Ryan’s Machine Learning with Databot 2.0 course takes educators and students on a deep dive into the world of Machine Learning and Data Collection by utilizing the cutting-edge Databot 2.0.

This new Bonus Course will teach students how to use OpenAI to create a chatbot assistant that can interface with the databot 2.0. This will allow the user to interact with the Databot in real-time, receiving sensor values that are being pulled from the Databot “live.” Using custom documentation, students will have the ability to ask questions to the databot in order to receive those live sensor readings via the chatbot assistant. Taking it one step further, Pat Ryan will show students how to add Python function definitions that will allow the AI to deduce answers by combining the assortment of recorded data. By the end of this bonus course, students will be able to communicate with their Databot via chat and regularly structured sentences…not to mention that students will be able to apply all Machine Learning techniques developed throughout the full course.

“We are using some of the latest technologies and leveraging that with the Databot to create a really fascinating application,” explains Pat, who has decades of experience as a software engineer. DroneBlocks is proud to offer this rare and unique course as part of its broad STEM curriculum that combines cool and fun hardware with cutting-edge technology.

If you are interested in learning more about the Machine Learning with Databot Course – check out our video interview with Pat HERE – or jump into the course and see what this bonus lesson is all about by taking advantage of the DroneBlocks Free Trial

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