Pat Ryan Teaches Machine Learning!

November 7, 2023 — 2 minutes

A Video preview of our latest Machine Learning Course

We connected on video chat to interview our expert Curriculum Specialist, Pat Ryan, as he provides an exclusive sneak peek into our Machine Learning with The Databot 2.0 Course. This course will take educators and students on a deep dive into the world of Machine Learning and Data Collection by utilizing the cutting-edge Databot 2.0

Machine Learning with The databot 2.0, Course Preview with Pat Ryan

Pat Ryan joined the DroneBlocks curriculum team due to his passion for sharing his knowledge and experience to students who may not otherwise have access to educational tools in the STEM field. Viewers will notice Pat’s exuberance for learning and teaching and the excitement of the signature DroneBlocks method of engaging students through hands-on learning. “Since you can hold these Databots in your hand, applying machine learning to something like this is super exciting when you get to watch it happen in real-time.”

The Databot 2.0 is a snack-sized cube, jam-packed with powerful science sensors that measure data such as velocity, temperature, vibration, light, air pressure, and much more. A great tool to explore data collection and artificial intelligence all in the palm of your hands.

“The inspiration for this course was really driven by our data and tech-driven world that we live in” explains Pat, who has decades of experience as a software engineer – “We wanted to create a course that merged machine learning with the hands-on experience of a Databot.” 

In this course, Pat will be utilizing the Databots Vibration, and Rotation sensors – however, upon completion of the course, Pat believes the students can use their new skills to measure any sort of data…whether it be from the Databot or beyond. “This is just the tip of the iceberg…I hope this is just a platform for them to get started in their own investigations.”

Whether you’re a beginner curious about the power of machine learning or a seasoned enthusiast looking to enhance your skills, this course is tailored just for you. “The only prerequisite really, is an understanding of Python and a thirst for knowledge” says Pat.

We invite you to view our full conversation with Pat, and try the Machine Learning course today! DroneBlocks is currently offering a FREE 7-Day trial (no credit card commitment required) to take our curriculum offerings for a spin. Happy Coding!

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