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Program Your Unitree GO1 Quadruped with the DroneBlocks Desktop App!

May 31, 2023 — < 1 minutes

Block-coding is now available for the Unitree Go1 Quadruped Robot Dog through the DroneBlocks desktop application.

The ability to toggle the app between a Tello Drone and Go1 Robot Dog serves as the perfect upgrade for seamless, next-level autonomous control. Teach your students how to navigate and pose the GO1 as well as control the LED Lights and Cameras by stacking block commands. All of the learning opportunities you already know and love from flying drone missions, translates to launching quadruped missions. This includes practicing concepts such as functions and loops, as well as utilizing variables and creating lists. New features are introduced to master the advantages of the GO1’s 5 camera angles, RGB LED lights as well as the miraculous flexibility of poses at the GO1’s disposal. DroneBlocks desktop app is compatible with both the Unitree GO1 Pro & GO1 EDU models and is available for both PC and Mac users. View our walkthrough video below to get acquainted with this exciting update, and let us know what you think!

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