Why DroneBlocks

A Whole New Way to Teach Kids to Code

DroneBlocks offers schools a comprehensive solution to teach kids to code, blending top-notch curriculum with state-of-the-art hardware for a transformative STEM experience that your students wont soon forget!

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DroneBlocks is Used Worldwide by 500,000+ Students

DroneBlocks is not just another line item in an educational budget; it’s a catalyst for classroom transformation. Your investment gives students an immersive coding experience that’s so engaging, they won’t realize just how much they’re learning

  • Increase Student Engagement

    Getting kids engaged in lessons is challenging. DroneBlocks offers a unique and compelling way to teach kids to code, making learning both fun and exciting.

  • Better Academic Performance

    Our curriculum isn't just fun—it's academically rigorous and aligned with CSTA standards, promoting improved grades and understanding.

  • Improve Skill Acquisition

    Beyond coding, DroneBlocks challenges students in unique ways, cultivating invaluable soft skills not easily gained from traditional methods.

Future-Ready Skills

With DroneBlocks, students aren't just coding; they're becoming future-ready, capable of creativity, problem-solving, and effective collaboration.

DroneBlocks answers the call for STEM advancement with a novel, intuitive platform. It’s a fresh avenue to engage learners and prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Post-Graduation Success

    DroneBlocks doesn't just prepare students for tests; it prepares them for life beyond the classroom.

  • High Return on Investment

    The value extends far beyond the classroom, setting up both teachers and students for ongoing achievement.

  • Student Success

    With ongoing support and development, DroneBlocks enables teachers to keep their teaching strategies fresh and engaging.

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Sparking curiosity, one program at a time. Whether students are just getting started or are coding experts, find interactive experiences that resonate with every student.


From classroom-friendly kits to hands-on tools: Explore our hardware, packages, and accessories tailored for the educational journey.

DJI Tello Curriculum and Simulator
High School K-6 Middle School
Create opportunities for students of all ages to learn DroneBlocks, Python, Open-CV, Node.js, and JavaScript by coding autonomous missions in the classroom.
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DroneBlocks Classroom Bundle
High School Higher Ed Middle School
The All-New DroneBlocks Classroom Bundle provides everything you need from curriculum, drones, and professional development to quickly launch a STEAM drone program.
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Quadruped Robotics
High School Higher Ed Middle School
DroneBlocks Mobile Quadruped Robotics Platform Designed for K12 Education and Developing Professional Applications
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Drone Light Show Kit
High School Higher Ed Middle School
Elevate your school events to extraordinary heights with the DroneBlocks Light Show Kit!
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DroneBlocks Enterprise Membership | Tello Drones

The DroneBlocks offers a complete STEM learning experience. Compatible with the DJI Tello drones we offer a curated curriculum and user-friendly apps. Enhance your journey with optional databot sensors and professional development additions.

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DroneBlocks Classroom Bundle

DroneBlocks has partnered with Swedish company Bitcraze to create the ultimate STEM drone kit for classrooms of all levels. These new drones are versatile open-source flying development platforms that only weigh 27g and fit in the palm of your hand. This STEM drone kit, relied upon by prestigious institutions like Princeton and Yale, opens up vast educational possibilities for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike.

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DroneBlocks Quadruped Go1 EDU+

The DroneBlocks GO1 EDU+ bundle comes pre-equipped with two onboard Jetson Nanos and one onboard Jetson NX, this increased processing power gives you the capability of adding Lidar units in the future.

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DroneBlocks Light Show Kit

The ultimate DIY drone light show kit. Create your own drone swarms, formations, and dances with 10 - 200 drones!

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databot 2.0 - Data Science Sensors

databot™2.0, an unstoppable STEMachine! Weighing in at just 1.2 oz and standing only ¾” high, databot™ is a power-packed wireless, remote-ready scientific tool that brings the world of data to life instantly!

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DJI Avata Pro-View FPV Drone W/ Fly More Kit + 2 Year Warranty

The DJI Avata Pro-View FPV Drone, part of our specialized STEM drone kits, offers an extraordinary blend of intuitive controls and high-quality imaging. Safe, portable, and packed with features, it's a game-changer for teaching tomorrow's tech leaders.

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DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo Plus (DJI RC 2) + 2 Year Warranty

The DJI Mini 4 Pro, All-In-One Omni Obstacle Sensing Mini Camera Drone. Under 249 g, 4K/60fps HDR True Vertical Shooting, Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing, Enjoy up to 34 minutes of flight time!

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Drone Legends STEM Fundamentals

Take your students on a LEGENDARY journey into drone education with Drone Legends. This comprehensive package equips educators with a wealth of resources, ensuring students dive deep into the world of drone lessons, equipped with knowledge and hands-on materials. 

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Educator Spotlights

From rural classrooms to bustling city schools, educators are achieving unprecedented engagement and academic excellence. See firsthand how DroneBlocks serves as the catalyst for transformative education.


Questions? Challenges? We're here, always ready to guide. Because when educators succeed, so do students.

Professional Development

DroneBlocks provides professional development opportunities to ensure educators are well-equipped to deliver our STEM curriculum.

Professional Development

Ongoing Support

You're never navigating solo when you're with DroneBlocks. Our extensive support resources and channels are your co-pilot, ensuring a smooth learning journey.

Ongoing Support

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Talk with DroneBlocks about enrolling your school in the most innovative STEM education programs.