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RoboMaster TT vs Tello EDU Drones for Education: What is the difference?

September 17, 2021 — 4 minutes

Robomaster TT vs the Tello EDU Drones for Education: What’s the Difference?

Drones are a powerful tool to help you inspire your students in STEM topics. Drones are used in all sorts of educational projects, STEM activities, and more! Adding to their current offerings of educational drones, DJI has recently released the Robomaster Tello Talent drone (or the Robomaster TT drone). 

The first question you’re probably asking about the Robomaster TT drone is, “What’s the difference between the Robomaster TT and the Tello EDU drone?” Let’s get into some of the details of what you need to know about the main differences between these two educational drones. 

Drones for Education

DJI has created the Robomaster TT drone to add to their educational drones and support their commitment to providing opportunities for students to learn more about various STEM-related topics using drones. This drone, in particular, has a few more bells and whistles that allow you and your students to learn more about artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. 

The RoboMaster TT was specifically designed to appeal to students while cultivating knowledge in AI robotics, programming in a fun, easily digestible and hands-on time which is crucial for applying real-world knowledge.”-  Jianrong Gao, head of DJI Education.

So how do we learn more about AI and robotics using the Robomaster TT? Let’s dig a bit into what the Robomaster TT drone is first.  

What is the Robomaster TT drone?

The Robomaster Tello Talent (Robomaster TT) drone is a new toy drone used for education. It is a customized version of the Tello Edu drone with additional methods for students to experiment with and try new programming and flight techniques. Students get to see their programming work come to life on the programmable LED by creating different animated shapes or messages. The design of Robomaster TT drone makes it easy to take off and fly and easy to control while in the air. DJI decided to name the drone the Robomaster Tello Talent to emphasize that the drone can be used to increase students’ talent in AI and robotics. 

What does the Robomaster TT Drone offer?

The three pillars of the Robomaster TT drone listed on DJI’s website are:

  • Flying Open-Source Hardware

  • Artificial Intelligence Education

  • Multiple Drones Coordination Control

Let’s discuss each of these in a bit more detail.

Flying Open-Source Hardware

The Robomaster TT drone comes with the ESP 32 open-source module, which means you can connect various sensors and other external devices to add to your programming capabilities. 

Artificial Intelligence Education

Adding to their commitment to student success in AI and robotics, DJI has created a few courses to get you started with AI and the Robomaster TT drone. Be sure to watch out for future offerings from DroneBlocks to learn additional ways you can teach your students about artificial intelligence and robotics. 

Multiple Drones Coordination Control

While the Tello EDU supports drone swarms, many users reported difficulty getting the technology to work correctly. Some of the Robomaster TT drone technology has been upgraded to support coordination and control of drone swarms.

In addition to all the above features, the Robomaster TT drones come with everything you need to start your educational projects immediately upon receiving the box. This includes a remote control, rechargeable battery, USB cabling, and a starter guide/manual.

What is the Tello EDU Drone?

The Tello Edu Drone is a small toy drone for students to use as they explore STEM education. The Tello Edu drone can be very beneficial for those looking for an educational project that is doable and provides a sense of accomplishment and success. It is another educational drone offered by DJI at a slightly lower price than the Robomaster TT drone. While some of the technology is different, it is still a fantastic drone for education at a great price point. 

What does the Tello EDU Drone offer?

Tello Edu drones offer everything you need to start your educational project, including the remote control, the power source, propellers, and much more. It also allows your students to create programming projects that come to life!

What is the difference between the Robomaster TT and the Tello EDU Drone?

The Tello Talent drone features many similar things to the Tello Edu Drone, including an easy learning curve, doable educational projects for students, and a high level of success in STEM education.

The Tello Talent drone is a customized version of the Tello EDU drone. 

  • The Wifi signal on the Robomaster TT drone is 2.4 / 5.8GHz allowing for a more stable wifi connection between the drone and the controller. This upgrade in technology will help with some of the Tello Edu drone’s issues when there are too many drones flying together in close quarters, such as in a school gymnasium.

  • The Tello Talent drone also supports offline programming, whereas the Tello Edu does not. This feature allows for more convenience and flexibility when working on projects with your students. 

  • The ESP 32 microcontroller allows for external sensors, whereas the Tello Edu does not support external sensors. The ability to add external sensors allows you to create even more fun and engaging programs with your students!

  • DroneBlocks offers over 150 courses in programming for the Tello drones and is currently adding more courses for the Robomaster TT!

Robomaster TT Drone vs Tello Edu Drone: A Comparison

Can the Tello EDU drone be upgraded to the Robomaster TT?

Yes! You can purchase the upgrade kit to add the microcontroller and LED lights. 

Robomaster TT Drone for Education

You can’t go wrong with either of these drones. Both are very high quality and work well for their intended purposes. The Tello EDU drone is more affordable than the Robomaster TT, so it’s a great option when you’re trying to control costs. Drones like the Robomaster TT and the Tello EDU are ideal for educational applications because they don’t break your bank account!

If you’re looking for a robust yet affordable option for your school project – then you can’t go wrong with the Robomaster TT drone and DroneBlocks.

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