Drone Light Show

Light Up The Sky with DroneBlocks’ Drone Light Show Kit

January 31, 2024 — 2 minutes

DroneBlocks’ latest offering has been creating buzz and lighting up night skies all year long. And no, we aren’t talking about UFOs, and no, not fireworks either. DroneBlocks’ Drone Light Show Kits have been flying off shelves and into choreographed aerial routines across the country. DroneBlocks has partnered with LiteBee to custom-tailor a starter drone light show kit that includes all you need to build, launch, and program your own light show. This 10-drone starter kit is strategically built to be scalable and compatible with up to 200 Drones!

The drone is designed for both indoor and outdoor flying and contains built-in RGB LED lights that can be programmed alongside a creatively coordinated flight path. The companion software allows users to build and choreograph their light show design from scratch in a user-friendly design module. Create fun and imaginative shapes and 3-dimensional patterns in the sky with your drones, or synchronize them with music. Students and educators can put on a half-time show featuring their mascot or entertain for a school assembly that puts their new skills on display.

DroneBlocks has also launched two amazing resources to help you get your Drone Light Show off the ground. Our first tutorial is a Drone Light Show Quick Start Video Guide that covers the basics of setting up and launching your first pre-built light show. The video covers everything from the provided equipment up to the basic user interface of the Light Show Software. With the help of our Quick-Start Video Guide, you will be painting the sky with light in minutes.

Our next How-To video focuses solely on the software’s Design Module, which goes in-depth on Designing and creating your own choreographed show. DroneBlocks curriculum specialist Clinton Evans walks users through developing a fun clockwise-counter-clockwise aerial pattern with changing LED colors. Using the LiteBee Design Module, you can custom build and choreograph your own dynamic Drone Light Shows with the intuitive and easy-to-learn software. We can’t wait to see what you build!

The team at DroneBlocks can’t wait to see our partners share their successes and photos! To check out what we’ve been up to – take a look at our Drone Light Show Magic Trick as recorded from our Live, year-end Webinar. As always, share your findings, tips, or ideas on the DroneBlocks Community Forum… we would love to hear from you! Happy Flying 🙂

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