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DEXI Build Video Course officially Launched!

June 10, 2024 — < 1 minutes

As the first fleet of DEXI Kits arrive at their destinations this month, DroneBlocks is excited to launch the first in-depth video series covering the assembly of the DEXI Drone. This 5-video course covers each phase of the DEXI build process with clear explanations and crisp visuals so students can follow along. Led by DroneBlocks co-founder Dennis Baldwin, the course reviews each part of the DEXI Kit and its included tools and then proceeds step-by-step to build the DEXI airframe by attaching parts, linking hardware, and mounting motors! 


The videos include a high-level overview and intricately detailed instructions on assembly. Not only that, but Dennis will explain the why, what, and how so students will learn all about the basics of engineering, flight mechanics, and flight hardware. Students will also explore the attention to detail that goes into designing a drone from scratch, as Dennis will review the reasoning and thought process behind some of the innovative build choices. By video 5, students will feel the robustness of the DEXI they have built and have a great comprehension of each building element before they take off. We don’t call it the Drone for Exploration and Innovation for nothing!
Though we are most excited for our first DroneBlocks DEXI students to begin their very own build process, this video series is available to anyone interested in learning more about DEXI.

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