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Up To $500,000 FAA Grants Now Available to Your School

August 9, 2023 — 2 minutes

Need some excitement to kick off the new school year?

The FAA has released its FAA Aircraft Pilots Workforce Development Grant Program to attract future aircraft pilots!

The USDOT and the FAA will assist in providing educational experiences designed to prepare high school students throughout the Nation to become aircraft pilots, aerospace engineers, or unmanned aircraft systems operators, and support the related professional development of teachers. This grant will fund multiple awards up to $500,000 each, totaling $4,500,000! The caveat? The application closes on August 16th, so don’t delay!

We have a few tips to make the application a smoother process for you and honestly, the most difficult part is creating a login for (your password cannot contain any words from the dictionary, so be prepared!) Once logged in and confirmed, you should view the package of PDFs to download and enter your information. Once all ten PDFs are complete, you will attach each to the final PDF, labeled “Attachments”. Attached is a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). This document explains each PDF and step of the process in detail. The PDFs are brief and simple to complete. You may need to contact your school or district purchasing director to get ACH information for funds, however, the rest of the information is straightforward. The sections you may need to spend additional time completing are “Budget Information” and your narratives, but DroneBlocks is here to help. Our website and blogs contain all the information you need to complete your project descriptions and budget. Each curriculum description provides inspiration for your narrative.

This is an incredible opportunity for you and your students. We hope our resources will be of assistance. Best of luck!

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