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Prompt the Unitree Go1 Using ChatGPT

August 1, 2023 — < 1 minute

DroneBlocks continues its roll-out of original Unitree Go1 Programming by introducing a new tutorial featuring OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

You may remember us covering a similar topic – using ChatGPT to prompt our Tello Drones using “layman’s instructions” that was inspired by Microsoft’s Autonomous Robotics Team’s experiments. Needless to say, the Go1 is a bit more advanced – so check out some of our prerequisite tutorials in the Unitree Go1 Programming Playlist if you are just getting started with programming the Go1.

In this video tutorial, DroneBlocks co-founder Dennis Baldwin will show you how to prepare ChatGPT to successfully prompt the Go1 into completing some simple actions and maneuvers using a conversational format. Using the Go1-JavaScript library provided by DroneBlocks, you will interface between ChatGPT and Go1 and generate the code needed to execute the live actions of Go1. As you follow Dennis through changing the LED Color, and later initiating a sequence of Go1 Push-Ups – we encourage you to follow your own curiosity and explore what is possible using this new and exciting communication method. We would love to see what you come up with!

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