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Jason Derulo does “The Robot” with Robot Dogs at Super Bowl LVII PreGame Show

February 14, 2023 — < 1 minutes

If you caught Jason Derulo’s TikTok tailgate performance at the Super Bowl pre-game last night, you certainly could not have missed the Unitree Go1 Robot Dogs dancing lockstep with Derulo and his bevy of backup dancers.

The show’s producers aimed to dazzle viewers with a futuristic set design featuring a pair of large humanoid heads mounted on stage, but they didn’t stop there! To really bring the performance to the next level, producers deployed a dance crew of quadruped robots to bop and bounce beside Jason Derulo and his human dance crew. If you tuned-in in time for Jason Derulo segueing into his David Guetta collaboration Saturday/Sunday, you watched one of his lead dancers do their best rendition of the party favorite – “the robot” only to be (in our opinion!) shown up by the clan of choreographed quadrupeds. That’s right, these are the same Unitree Go1’s that are playing fetch in STEM classrooms across the country thanks to DroneBlocks.

The robot dance was custom coded in advance using the same techniques our students are learning using our DroneBlocks Go1 JavaScript libraries. The Robodogs executed the code, making it appear they are jiving to the beat alongside JD. And just like that- millions of viewers were exposed to the tip-of-the-iceberg capabilities of these amazing machines and their multitude of applications.

Consider introducing DroneBlocks Robot Dog curriculum to your school’s STEM Curriculum today and turn your Final Exam into a robotic dance-off!

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