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DroneBlocks Partners with databot USA!

June 3, 2022 — 2 minutes

DroneBlocks is excited to announce its latest tech-forward partnership with DataBot USA!

DataBot is a tiny, programmable device, chocked full of science sensors that can retrieve and record data that is fun and digestible for students and educators alike. DataBot is compact and rugged enough to mount easily onto any Tello Drone without inhibiting its flight. With 16 data sensors, the databot returns after a paired Drone mission beaming with reconnaissance information regarding the Physics data of the flight, Biology metrics, Chemistry measurements, and much more. The DataBot is mounted to the Tello Drone using a simple 3D printed attachment. By pairing two of the most versatile STEM education tools: DroneBlocks and dataBot, educators can multiply the possibilities in the classroom.

If you haven’t already heard the latest announcement about DroneBlocks’ introduction of the Unitree Go1 RoboDog, you’ll be delighted to hear that the databot 2.0 can also be easily mounted on the RoboDog as well. Anywhere you can send a Tello Drone or Unitree Go1 – the dataBot will be along for the ride!

Imagine students sending a Drone or RoboDog equipped with DataBot on a mission to a neighboring classroom. Upon its return, the students offload science data from DataBot that includes metrics such as CO2 levels, UV Light, Humidity, Temperature, and Air Quality. This data covers all major scientific disciplines as well as math and engineering…further compounding content for lessons in a scenario that mirrors a real-world application.

Another exciting feature of the DataBot is the ability to program light and sounds triggered by the onboard sensors, so the DataBot and Drone can react to their environment in real-time. Some DroneBlocks users familiar with the Tello Robomaster TT, have been acquainted with similar features- thanks to the ESP32 Board that both the Robomaster TT and databot share.

DroneBlocks customers will be able to instantly take advantage of the all-new databot curriculum module sponsored by Databot USA. DroneBlocks sponsored databot mission modules are also in the works, scheduled to release this summer.

DroneBlocks is proud of its expanding partnerships with both DataBot & Unitree, and hope educators and students continue to be captivated in their STEM journey by our ever-developing, cutting-edge STEM tools.

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