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Update Alert! DroneBlocks Manual Keyboard Control

May 3, 2022 — < 1 minute

Introducing Tello Keyboard Control using the DroneBlocks Application via Google Chrome. This new feature allows manual remote control of the Tello drone from a Chromebook, PC, or Mac as a Google Chrome extension. Previously, remote control was available only on mobile devices via iOS or Android versions of the TELLO App. As many of our student pilots and educators utilize laptops and desktops, this update expands accessibility to the manual controls.

The manual keyboard control gives students and educators the ability to fly independently of charted missions. This allows educators to create their own activities and challenges outside of coding, where manual controls are more appropriate.

To use the Keyboard control, first ensure you have downloaded the DroneBlocks App in Google Chrome as an extension. Once opened and paired with a Tello Drone, the option to use Keyboard Control is highlighted in blue text on the top right of the app window. Using the WASD and IJKL keys, the Tello drone is easily navigated remotely. Using the UpDown or Side Arrow keys, the Drone can flip to add some flare to your mission. Many students will recognize the use of these key commands from some of their favorite PC games. Happy flying!

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