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DroneBlocks partners with Drone Legends to create a new, one-of-a-kind Simulator Experience!

November 8, 2022 — 2 minutes

DroneBlocks is at it again! Partnering with our friends at Drone Legends, we are excited to announce that a new DroneBlocks Simulator map is in the works. Hopefully, by now, you’ve taken our Mars Simulator for a spin and have explored the accompanying curriculum that takes aspiring pilots on a journey to discover volcanoes, space rovers, and more. Now that your students have conquered space travel – prepare for time travel…to Ancient Egypt! 

Students will channel their inner ‘Indiana Jones’ as they interact with Pyramids, Sundials, and Hieroglyphics in a virtual Egypt environment. As always, the Map will be open for freeform navigation and test missions, for students to explore the map on their own. But what we are most excited about is the next-level curriculum developed by our partners at Drone Legends. Drone Legends has been a long-time partner of DroneBlocks, they specialize in creating valuable STEM curriculum, notably their popular STEM Fundamentals program including Student Mission Guides, Educator Lesson Planners, and more – and we couldn’t be happier about teaming up for this exciting collaboration.

The Egypt map was designed alongside a curriculum with a treasure trove of learning opportunities and problems to solve. The curriculum will contain 8 modules, accompanied by colorfully illustrated instructions and narrated by the Drone Legends mascot “Gimbal”, the artificially intelligent drone who guides students through the course. The curriculum is led through an engaging storyline and opens with an animated video introduction, to set students off on their Ancient Egypt Expedition.

The Ancient Egypt map and curriculum is set to launch December 2022 and will be a great tool for students to test and develop their drone skills in class or at home, or at their own pace. It will be available to existing DroneBlocks and Drone Legends customers.

As an added bonus; in honor of computer science week, DroneBlocks will be opening the simulator to all schools and students worldwide for the entire month of December. Stay tuned and make sure you are following us on social media for additional details.

The DroneBlocks Simulator is Exclusive to Enterprise Members. Enroll your school today for only $495!

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