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Quadruped Robotics from DroneBlocks

October 24, 2022 — 2 minutes

The Quadruped is a mobile robotics platform designed for STEM Education, development, and research. The platform features the latest and most sophisticated robotics system: the new GO1 EDU quadruped by Unitree. 

With DroneBlocks’ new platform, educators can now turn this cool quadruped into a classroom-friendly robot for their students to learn, experiment, and explore!

DroneBlocks provides educators with resources, software, and curriculum support to transform quadruped robots into cutting-edge learning opportunities in coding, engineering, science, and mathematics. Not to mention, the Go1 Quadruped can also make a pretty nifty school mascot!

This classroom-friendly quadruped is bursting with advanced design features and some impressive robotic stats!

  • Capable of traveling at up to 10mph and carrying up to a 20lbs load

  • Equipped with 5 sets of on-board cameras, 3 Ultrasonic Sensors, 3 Nvidia Jetsons, and 1 Raspberry Pi microcontroller board

  • Foot force sensors

  • Side Follow Technology, Autonomous Navigation, and Obstacle Avoidance

  • Remote Control for Manual Commands

  • USB, HDMI, and Ethernet ports

Using the Go1 Quadruped’s API, students can learn and exercise their skills in advanced kinematics by programming the robot using Python, C++, and ROS. Spike, Fluffy, or whatever students decide to name your QuadruPet…will be fetching, dancing, and rolling over in no time! And after a little practice, he can be programmed for data reconnaissance missions or synchronized with Drones.

The Go1 Quadruped can also be upgraded to carry sensor technology such as the databot 2.0 as well as 2D and 3D Lidar systems for environment mapping and data gathering.

With the DroneBlocks Drone-Coding Curriculum implemented successfully in over one-thousand schools across the USA and even more around the world, the DroneBlocks team is truly excited to again raise the bar for STEM Education and invigorate the next generation of thinkers and creators. The Quadruped truly is the first of its kind, and by being an early adopter of the Quadruped Go1, your school can be a STEM Leader.

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