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RoboMaster TT (Tello Talent) Wifi Connection Process with DroneBlocks for Android

July 22, 2021 — < 1 minutes

We are excited about the new capabilities of Tello Talent (RoboMaster TT) educational drone and just added support for the LED add-on in DroneBlocks for Android. Since Tello Talent has LED control we now have a new block category titled “LED”. The way you can access this new capability is to tap on the menu (three blue lines) and scroll down to “Select Drone Type”. Tap this and you will be given the option to choose Tello Talent.

One thing that is different about RoboMaster TT drone over Tello and Tello EDU is that if the ESP32 LED/sensor board is connected then the network being broadcasted will no longer be TELLO-123456, it will appear as RMTT-123456. You connect to RMTT-123456 and DroneBlocks works the way it always has, but now with new LED control.

You can always unplug the ESP32 add-on and connect to Tello the standard way with TELLO-123456. The video below talks about this process and demonstrates many of the new LED blocks for Tello Talent. We are working on a new course that shows how to connect and utilize a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor with the ESP32 breakout board that ships with Tello Talent. We are excited about the possibilities and hope you are too!

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