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DroneBlocks’ New Coding Course for the DJI Robomaster TT ( Tello Talent )

October 18, 2021 — 3 minutes

DroneBlocks is excited to launch another new course module showcasing the all-new DJI Robomaster TT (Tello Talent) that will introduce new coding skills for the LED module!

What is the DJI Robomaster TT (Tello Talent)?

The Robomaster Tello Talent (Robomaster TT) drone is a new drone used for STEM / STEAM education. It is an upgraded version of the Tello EDU educational drone with additional methods for students to experiment with and try new programming and flight techniques. The Robomaster is equipped with a 256 RGB LED, 8×8 Dot Matrix Display, ToF Distance Sensing, open-source ESP32 controller, and even better WiFi.

Students get to see their programming work come to life on the programmable LED by creating different animated shapes or messages. DJI decided to name the drone the Robomaster Tello Talent to emphasize that the drone can be used to increase students’ talent in AI and robotics. You can learn more about the Robomaster and the differences between the Tello EDU version here.

Learning to Program with Tello Talent’s LED Module

If you’re looking for a new and exciting course to teach your students how to code, we have just the thing! DroneBlocks is proud to announce the release of our newest coding course for the DJI Robomaster TT (Tello Talent) educational drone. Authored by Clinton Evans, this course will cover the basics of coding your new Robomaster TT drone with DroneBlocks. The first lesson is available now and new lessons will be released weekly.

Clinton will discuss some of the fundamentals such as connecting your LED module, updating firmware, and then connecting to the new drone before he takes you on a series of missions on the “iExplore Space Station”.

This series of lessons will take your students on a futuristic journey where drones have been deployed around the space station to help complete maintenance tasks and reports. In the first lesson, Clinton will take you through creating a mock solar panel inspection using DroneBlocks to help identify which solar panels are in need of repair using the LED indicator on the Robomaster TT.

Stay tuned for the upcoming lessons as we plan to cover more aspects of the drone component while integrating literacy and art using the 8×8 dot matrix on the Tello Talent. Students will learn to code the drone to scroll text across the matrix as well as create basic animations. We’ll even cover the gamification of your drones with the future of rock, paper, scissors with drones.

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The first lesson of the course has been made completely free! Visit our site here to preview this lesson in full. You can also sign up for our FREE troubleshooting lesson series for DroneBlocks users working with any of the Tello series educational drones.

DroneBlocks’ enterprise membership is designed specifically for institutions to provide FULL access to ALL Tello drone curriculum and software. DroneBlocks STEM drone curriculum is aligned to CSTA standards and recently became a accredited Educational Experience. New lessons are added on a regular basis to our current library of over 150+ activities. Members will also be able to access DroneBlocks Tello Simulator giving you the ability to explore DroneBlocks coding without a drone or in a virtual learning environment. To view a complete list of the courses included with the license as well as sample free curriculum and preview lessons, please visit our website here.

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