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Get Social with the DroneBlocks Code Board

September 16, 2020 — 2 minutes

I remember when GitHub was first launched and how I thought it was so strange that their goal was to make coding a social experience. Prior to GitHub I had been a user of open source software like Apache, Linux, PHP, and MySQL to name a few. But those were big time projects being used by multi-million dollar corporations. I could have never fathomed that open source would have made it this far and become so democratized. You can find the smallest snippets of code such as this great Bubble Sort algorithm written in JavaScript. GitHub has made coding accessible and cool. As a side note, I love studying and learning about new algorithms! Check out the entire repo if you want to see more awesome algorithms written in JavaScript. And if you’re not sure what a Bubble Sort does here is a great video demonstration:

To date, there have been over 50,000 DroneBlocks missions saved for both Tello and DJI drones. We have been discussing the best way to make some of these missions available to the larger community and decided to release a “Code Board” feature. This feature will allow users to make their DroneBlocks drone missions public. A public mission will then show up on the board and can be upvoted for others to enjoy. Below you’ll find a snapshot of the Code Board from a few days ago:

To make your drone code available for others to enjoy all you need to do is login, access your mission list, and use the toggle switch to make it public. Here is what that looks like:

Now your DroneBlocks mission is available for the world to see! Another thing that I’ve been enjoying is looking through the Code Board and finding interesting missions to test in the new drone simulator. For example, one of our users created a simulated drone mission called “DroneBlocks Waving Flag”. He made extensive use of the curve block inside a loop that draws out a waving flag in the simulator. It’s actually quite genius and cool looking!

Currently the Code Board is only available on the DroneBlocks Simulator. Access the simulator today by signing up to the DroneBlocks membership. We look forward to seeing what DroneBlocks missions you dream up and please do like GitHub did, make your code social.

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