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DroneBlocks Launching New Quadruped “Robo-Dog” STEM Program

May 19, 2022 — 2 minutes

DroneBlocks first burst onto the scene in 2017 with an invigorating idea to push STEM education to new heights. The DroneBlocks vision was to introduce Drones in the classroom and harness their amazing learning capabilities. After success in thousands of schools across the United States and around the World, DroneBlocks aims to continue its pioneering tradition with the next forward-thinking technology solution. DroneBlocks is elated to announce the development and prospective launch of their Quadruped “Robo-Dog” STEM Curriculum Program. Like Drones, “Robo-Dogs” bring the WOW factor that’s needed to ignite the spark of interest in students and educators alike. The educational benefits of robotics are widely documented, and if you are already a DroneBlocks member you have witnessed the rewards firsthand. The curriculum will be designed to engage and then educate through coding, programming, robotics, engineering, and mathematics. The Robo-Dog would be a great addition to any high school, college, or advanced robotics workshop and will quickly steal center stage.

Most everyone has witnessed the amazing “canine-like” feats of popular Boston-Dynamic Robot-Dog “Spot” peppered around the web and social media. With investment and research into such advanced robotics on the rise, there is no doubt the future is headed in Spot’s direction and beyond.

“ The Unitree GO1 is a light, compact and accessible robot dog, which makes it the perfect candidate to pair with DroneBlocks software and curriculum.”

DroneBlocks has garnered a partnership with the robotics experts at Unitree Robotics and RoboStore to employ a classroom safe, and educationally friendly (not to mention affordable) Quadruped Robot. This robot, called the “GO1” weighs about 26 pounds, has a battery life of 1-2 hours, and can carry up to 11 pounds. The GO1 can be sent on remotely controlled missions or autonomously using various programming languages like Python, ROS (Robot Operating System), and C++. DroneBlocks will also be announcing programmatic support using our classic block-coding apps which most are familiar with today. Some of the advanced features of the Unitree GO1 include Advanced Motion Stability, advanced LIDAR Mapping, Vision-based Autonomous obstacle tracking, and avoidance.

Much like how DroneBlocks became the swiss army knife for teachers using DJI Tello Drones in the classroom; DroneBlocks will be providing complete support for the GO1 EDU robot dog through easy to use software and curriculum that will break down those technical challenges and barriers.

Excited? Well, the folks at DroneBlocks are, and they believe their new Robot-Dog STEM Program will help achieve what they have always aimed to do for students across the world…develop the skills of tomorrow, today.

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