Crazyflie Nano Drone – Developer Kit

These new drones are versatile open-source flying development platforms that weigh only 27g and fit in the palm of your hand. Their size and weight make them ideal for indoor use. This drone kit allows students to dive into the world of block-coding and Python programming autonomous drone missions in the classroom.

Original price was: $399.00.Current price is: $379.00.

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Package Includes
1 x Indoor Nano Drone

Perfect for classroom use, each drone features the advanced "Flow Deck v2" for precise indoor positioning, paired with a radio controller for seamless operation.

Batteries & Chargers

To keep your drones flying, the kit comes with 3x spare batteries and 1x charging stations, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum learning.

Spare Parts

Ample additional sets of propellers and motors are included, making maintenance and learning about drone mechanics an integral part of the experience.


Individual cases for each drone and its accessories provide organized storage and easy transport.

Curriculum Access

Enjoy 7-day FREE Trial of DroneBlocks Curriculum Access, offering a wealth of learning materials and projects.

Unlimited Technical Support

Benefit from our extensive support team and channels, guiding you through every step of your drone educational journey.

This comprehensive package offers everything you need to launch a successful drone program, making learning interactive, fun, and impactful. Ideal for students of varying ages and learning styles, our curriculum bridges math, science, and logic with practical, hands-on application.

  • Block-Coding

    All-New web based DroneBlocks app with integrated simulation.

  • Python

    Extensive curriculum and online resources for teaching Python.

Transforming the integration of drones into classroom education, this pioneering application introduces a modern, web-based interface that removes the hassle of complex installations. It provides a smooth, accessible experience for both teachers and students. Check out the latest version of the DroneBlocks web app and simulator here.


Questions? Challenges? We're here, always ready to guide. Because when educators succeed, so do students.

Professional Development

DroneBlocks provides professional development opportunities to ensure educators are well-equipped to deliver our STEM curriculum.

Professional Development

Ongoing Support

You're never navigating solo when you're with DroneBlocks. Our extensive support resources and channels are your co-pilot, ensuring a smooth learning journey.

Ongoing Support