Go1 EDU+ Quadruped

Revolutionize K-12 Learning with DroneBlocks Go1 Quadruped: The Ultimate Robot and Teaching Tool for Computer Science Education!

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Package Includes
Quadruped Go1 | Robot Dog

The DroneBlocks GO1 EDU+ bundle comes pre-equipped with two onboard Jetson Nanos and one onboard Jetson NX, this increased processing power gives you the capability of adding Lidar units in the future.


Each robot package will include two Fast-Charging and Long Endurance 6000mAh Polymer Lithium-ion batteries. Each battery includes protection against overheating, overcharging, rapid discharge, short circuit, and over/under voltage.

Carrying Case

All robots purchased through DroneBlocks will be equipped and shipped in a beautiful rolling hard case that will keep your investment safe and sound while making transport a breeze.

Curriculum Access & Support

With the purchase of the GO1 EDU+, you will also be granted LIFETIME access to all DroneBlocks curricula and resources. You're never navigating solo when you're with DroneBlocks. Our extensive support team and resources channels are your co-pilot, ensuring a smooth learning journey.

    • Python
    • C++
    • Node-Red
    • ROS
    • DroneBlocks
Technical Specifications:
    • Cameras: 5 sets of fish-eye stereo depth (Angle: ≈ 150 x 170°).
    • Go1 EDU Processors: 2x Jetson Nanos, 1 Jetson NX
    • Intelligent Side-Follow system.
    • Transmission: RTT1.
    • Power: 24 V/6 A adapter.
    • Control: 1 Game-Pad Controller.
    • Maximum payload: 10 kg.
    • Cooling: 1 heat pipe cooler.
    • Speed:
      • Regular: ≈ 3.7 m/s.
      • Maximum: 4.7 m/s (17 km/h).
    • Graphic processing: API (OTA).
    • Features: HAI 1 human recognition, APP Top View.
    • Connectivity: 4G or 5G.
    • Foot force sensor.
    • Interface: Multifunction extension.
    • Weight: ≈ 12 kg.
    • Dimensions: 58.8 x 29 x 22 cm.

Optional Lidar Unit

3D Robosense RS-LiDAR-16 – RS-LiDAR-16 is a 16-beam miniature LiDAR with 150m range and 2cm accuracy. It is ideal for environment mapping, autonomous driving, and UAV mapping. The compact housing of the RS-LiDAR-16, mounted with 16 laser/detector pairs, rapidly spins and sends out high-frequency laser pulses to continuously scan the surrounding environment, collecting real-time 3D point clouds with reflectivity of objects to enable machines to “see” and providing reliable data for localization, navigation and obstacle avoidance.



A comprehensive learning experience for STEM educators, encompassing everything from basic block coding to advanced Python programming for autonomous drone flights. An ideal resource for engaging students of all ages, enhancing their coding skills, and fostering critical thinking in a hands-on, interactive environment.

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Questions? Challenges? We're here, always ready to guide. Because when educators succeed, so do students.

Professional Development

DroneBlocks provides professional development opportunities to ensure educators are well-equipped to deliver our STEM curriculum.

Professional Development

Ongoing Support

You're never navigating solo when you're with DroneBlocks. Our extensive support resources and channels are your co-pilot, ensuring a smooth learning journey.

Ongoing Support